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"My proudest accomplishment during the BMJ Challenge is sticking with working out on a consistent basis & challenging myself to try some new fitness activities. I feel healthier and am looking forward to pushing myself further to increase muscle definition in the coming year."

- Selena Gray

"BMJ helped me to get my body back after having a baby; the fitness advice/encouragement, nutritional guidance, and camaraderie were invaluable.

I'm in the best shape of my life -- literally!"

- Damara Murphy


"I built a body I was proud of during BMJ, but what I'm most proud of is the accountability, partnerships and friendships I built.  BMJ is not just lifeSTYLE changing, it's life changing"

- Libryia Jones

"We are all here because we want to challenge ourselves to be better than we were the day before. And BMJ provides the right mix of friendly competition, camaraderie, sisterhood, motivation, knowledge sharing... And above all a support system, because sometimes we can't do it alone."

- Nicole Jackson


"BMJ provided me with a safe place, full of like-minded women, with whom I could share my fitness journey. These women inspired me to make healthy living a priority in my life, permanently."

- Noelle Bates

"I was 225 pounds and just plain sick of it! I knew I didn't want a gimmick, quick fix or some fake pill to swallow. I joined BMJ fitness and it changed my life!

Real women, real support, real workouts, real camaraderie and real prizes! 

That's right...I got paid to improve my body! I did and you should too!!!"

- Takia 'KiKi' Smith

"Deciding to compete in my first BMJ challenge was the best decision I made to jump start my fitness goals.  Being part of the BMJ community has physically changed my life, and I'm still doing so, 1 lb at a time!"

- Tanesia Cole

I no longer fear pushing myself to the limit; I believe I can have it all!!!

Thanks to BMJ fitness!

- Jamese Smith

"The camaraderie within BMJ helped me to better challenge myself to meet my personal fitness goals. The focus on outer, as well as inner fitness sets it apart from any other "fitness" challenge!"

- MaryAnn Starn

"BMJ isn't just about fitness, it's about extended family of fit chicks that I am proud to call my own."

- Donteacia Seymore