Ladies, here are some answers to questions that may be on your mind…

What is Bad Mamma Jamma Fitness and how it is different?

Bad Mamma Jamma Fitness is more than a one-off workout challenge; we're building a community of support that provides education, motivation, commitment and accountability in an environment of consistency, fun and friendly competition. Our system enables women to reach and exceed their fitness goals, encourage others to greatness and ultimately live healthier lifestyles.



Do I have to post my pictures publicly, on social media?

The only requirement is that you follow the guidelines and take "before" and "after" pictures that will be emailed to BMJ Fitness and shared with the judges.  There is also a mid-point check-in requirement, which is also private.  We NEVER force anyone to share their pictures, and we won't share your information without your permission.  BMJ provides a safe environment for women to share their progress and support one another.  We respect and maintain your personal privacy wishes.



Is there a specific program that everyone will be following? Do you all prescribe the diet?

No and no. There is no shortage of quality fitness programs available in the world today. Everyone’s fitness goals are different and there is no "one-size fits all" solution for what we’re each trying to achieve. BMJ women come from all walks of life and varied levels of fitness with diverse goals.  


What we WILL provide is the "10 agreements" for the program, to which every Challenger commits. We'll also make recommendations via your challenge welcome packet + support in choosing the plans that are right for you based on your body type, current fitness level, your personal goals, budget and level of commitment. Add that to all the accountability and motivation you can get + stiff competition and your own hard work and determination...you WILL see results!



Why is this contest based on “body transformation” and not weight loss?

BMJ Fitness is about enabling lifestyle changes that deliver your best body ever AND build sustainable, healthy habits. The ONLY way to transform your body for the better is to combine proper nutrition/hydration, exercise, rest & emotional well-being. You could starve for 10 weeks and drop massive amounts of weight, but that’s not what this program is about. We want you to build habits that will last well beyond the competition.



Are “sweatchecks” mandatory? WHYYY?
  • YES, sweatchecks are mandatory for challenge participation and completion.

  • They help you to be accountable, to yourself & the group, and they help improve your workout habits.

  • They also encourage others in the challenge to get it in...when others see that you've worked out, it may spark them to get moving instead of skipping a workout or taking a "day off."

  • If you really believe you cannot sweat, inbox someone on the Beast Squad, we'll help you with that! 

  • This is not a fact, but we've found it to be true that: most people who don't post check-ins are not doing the work. It's literally the easiest part of your workout.

  • Sweatcheck photos (as with all other pics on the private FB page) are private and will not be seen beyond our group, so don't be worried about looking busted!

  • Sweatchecks are NOT what the contest will be measured on, but when you do them, we can pretty much guarantee that (w/ a clean diet, hydratioin and rest) you're going to see amazing results - because they reinforce CONSISTENCY, which is KEY!