The BMJ "25 Days 'til FITMAS" Fitness Challenge

Challenge Details

Challenge Dates:  December 1st - 25th, 2020

Challenge Duration: 4 weeks (page opens Nov. 30th)

Challenge Requirements:

- "25 Days 'til FITMAS" Participation Calendar

- Water Goal + 1 Personal Fitness Commitment

- Secret Gift Exchange ($25 limit)

Registration Fee: $50

Challenge Prizes:
- First Place: $250

- Runner Up: $75

- Healthy Lifestyle Rockstar: $25 in BMJ Gear

The Details:

  • This is a 4 week, ladies-only Healthy Holiday Challenge.

  • The Challenge is private and open to participants of the Inside Edition Challenge only.

  • You must be entered in the competition to join the private page and/or follow the Challenge.

  • The prizes go to the competitors who demonstrate the most visual improvement from where they started.

  • There will be one winner + one runner up for cash prizes and 1 healthy lifestyle rockstar who will win BMJ Gear.

  • For extra holiday fun, each Contender will participate in a secret gift exchange with a fellow BMJ across the country. Gifts should be no more than $25 in value and must arrive to your holiday healthy buddy's house by December 24th, to be opened at the end of the Challenge on the 25th.


How will the Challenge be judged?

  • Contenders will be judged by a jury of their peers --- each other! Every woman who competes will get to cast two votes (for 2 different competitors) for the ladies who made the best improvement, in their opinion. Each contender will also get to vote for the healthy lifestyle rockstar. That means all 3 winners will be chosen subjectively, by their peers.

  • PLEASE NOTE - YOU CANNOT vote for yourself to win, even if you think your own results are amazing.

  • The "after" pics from the Inside Edition Challenge will serve as the "before" pictures for the 25 Days 'til FITMAS Challenge.

  • Every competitor MUST post their before and after pics in the PRIVATE Challenge forum, for the community to witness (and support) your journey.

  • To vote on the winners, you MUST complete the challenge.

This is a “Body Transformation” challenge and the judging is SUBJECTIVE. That means that the judges will be scoring every contender based on their personal assessment of your results. They will be comparing your “after” pictures vs. your “before” pictures and that is ALL they will have to base their scores on.

This is not a weight loss challenge, although losing weight will certainly impact your transformation. BMJ Fitness is about enabling lifestyle changes that deliver your best body ever AND build sustainable, healthy habits. The ONLY way to transform your body for the better is to combine proper nutrition/hydration, exercise, rest & emotional well-being. You could starve for 4 weeks and drop weight, but that’s not what this program is about. We want you to build habits that will last well beyond the competition.



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