The BMJ "FALL FINISHER" Fitness Challenge

Challenge Details

Challenge Dates:  Monday, Oct 10th – Saturday, Dec 17th, 2016


Challenge Duration: 10 weeks + prep week (page opens 10/3/16)


Registration Fee: $100 


Competitive Categories:
- Biggest Transformation

- Best Overall Physique


Challenge Prizes:
- First Place for both Categories: $1000/category

- Runner Up for both Categories: $250/category

(Four cash prizes in total) **No competitor may win more than one prize**


- Physical prizes will be awarded for weekly and/or pop-up challenges throughout the 10 weeks


Additional Info: 

  • This is a10 week, ladies only Body Transformation Challenge; the 10 weeks doesn't inlcude the 1 week for prep.

  • The Challenge is private. You must be entered in the competition to follow the Challenge.

  • Biggest Transformation goes to the competitor who demonstrates the most visual improvement from where she started.

  • Best Overall Physique goes to the competitor who the judges deem as having the best body in the final results pictures. 

  • "Before" and "After" pictures will ONLY be mailed to Bad Mamma Jamma Fitness and shared with the judges. It is NOT mandatory that you share your pictures publicly to participate.

  • A Challenge slogan will be provided to be posted on a sign in "before" pictures to prove the authenticity of the time they are taken.

  • 3 check-ins/week on the private Facebook challenge page (sweatchecks, meal checks and hydration hollers) in addition to a mid-challenge progress update, are a mandatory part of challenge participation. Challengers who fail to check-in regularly may be removed from the competition. There are NO REFUNDs if you are removed for not checking in.

  • The Beast Squad will NOT compete in the larger Challenge group for overall cash prizes.

  • The Beast Squad WILL compete in weekly/pop-up challenges and are eligible to win physical prizes.

  • Semi-pro and Professional Fitness Competitors are not allowed to compete.

How will the Challenge be judged?

All 4 winners will be selected solely on “before” and “after” pictures by a panel of 5 co-ed, external fitness gurus who are experts in physique competitions. They will NOT have access to the challenge page in any other way, to keep things fair & unbiased. They will ONLY choose winners based on the pictures that are provided.

This is a “Body Transformation” challenge and the judging is SUBJECTIVE. That means that the judges will be scoring every contender based on their personal assessment of your results. They will be comparing your “after” pictures vs. your “before” pictures and that is ALL they will have to base their scores on.

This is not a weight loss challenge, although losing weight will certainly impact your transformation. BMJ Fitness is about enabling lifestyle changes that deliver your best body ever AND build sustainable, healthy habits. The ONLY way to transform your body for the better is to combine proper nutrition/hydration, exercise, rest & emotional well-being. You could starve for 10 weeks and drop massive amounts of weight, but that’s not what this program is about. We want you to build habits that will last well beyond the competition.

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