BAD MAMMA JAMMA FITNESS: "Doing the work to build a beautiful me."



Bad Mamma Jamma Fitness is a private community of FIT BEASTS, designed for women who are committed to accessing their personal greatness and taking their health & fitness to the next level together, continually!


Our forum provides the tools to break through any barriers hindering you from reaching your personal fitness goals. The BMJ formula for success includes: personal commitment, group accountability, continual challenges and friendly competition, wrapped inside a sisterly environment of camaraderie.

  • We are a community of hardworking bad girls.

  • We commit to optimal health for ourselves, our friends and our families.

  • We perspire to inspire one another to higher heights!

  • We nourish our bodies in ways that are delicious AND nutritious.

  • We love ourselves just the way we are, AND we get better every day.

  • We take full responsibility for shaping our minds, bodies and spirits.

  • There are no limits to our potential.

  • We thrive on turning that potential into manifested greatness!

  • We challenge ourselves daily to healthier lifestyles and positive habits.

  • We are building our most beautiful selves. And, the world is a better place because of it.